Monday, September 18, 2017


I'm feeling a little bit like the white rabbit, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date" except that I'm not late, not yet. It's just that I meant to post these photos before I went on holiday and now there are more banking up to report on; Spring does take off. 

So I got in early and ordered my seeds, planted them at the end of August, that warm patch before the weather nose-dived and September heralded spring. 
The heritage seeds are counted out in miniscule number, 25 seeds from 5 varieties for my tomatoes. 
This becomes a problem when only about 18 of them sprout. Six are spindly and two haven't the strength to burst those first two leaves and pop off the seed case. In my experience, if they can't do that, helping often doesn't help. 


Will I get 5 varieties of tomato? Probably not. I may buy another packet because I want to save my own seed for next year and I'd love to make a salad with five different types of tomato.

Sometimes a chicken likes to make its own private nest to lay in. 
B spotted a pile of eggs in a far, damp, corner of the old run. (There is a new Shangri-la under construction.) They look dreadful but they passed the float test with flying colours and you will be pleased to know, we have used them with impunity. 

Thirty one in total. Thanks chook. 

And thanks for the beautiful lemons Mum. A big batch of marmalade and enough left to make lemoncello. 

These mini spring crocus (crocii?) have been wonderful. 


  1. That marmalade looks even more delicious now that I know I'm getting a jar of it! The crocuses look so pretty too, it must be feeling like spring.

    1. yeah we've got those spring winds at the minute, the ones that blow all the leaves off the magnolias. Hope that marmalade arrives ok...