Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winter is the perfect time to collect seaweed for the garden

Dunedin is always good for a trip to the beach, even if you have to wrap yourself in the picnic blanket to get warm. The goal is to get seaweed for the garden direct and the compost bins, if I get that much. Of course I don't headline so bluntly. 'Who wants to go to the beach and try out Johnny's new BBQ?'
Everybody it turns out. That affords me 6 sacks of seaweed. We can all carry back one bag each.

The BBQ was a metalwork project.  Local council by-laws outlawed open fires outside quite a few years ago and we moved to a gas BBQ but we have always missed the  incomparable excellence of a  sausage cooked over wood coals.   

Here's the BBQ as yet unused. One handle is some sort of animal head (sheep?).

There is a rule that wherever you stand you'll get smoked. If you move, the wind changes.

Fire is going well, now patience for the wood to burn down to hot coals.

quick, put on the rack and the snarlers, note the makeshift tongs, had to forget something...we'll find a way...

And the proof is in the eating.
Now I didn't get any photos but I dug the seaweed straight into the tunnel house and watered the whole thing. It doesn't smell at all.
I got 8 sacks of seaweed for work singlehandedly today and realised there are better ways to do things.. Got home and announced, 'We need a few trips to the beach these school holidays, take a BBQ and collect seaweed.'
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