Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Tricks

I've just re-learnt how to post a blog again. There are a few projects I have managed to capture on the camera over the last year. Just as well because as we head into the coldest two weeks of winter, apparently, I shan't be doing much outdoors. 
Eventually the fence broke down here and I couldn't garden because the soil, and the water all ran away...

I hated the broken wall. There is a proverb about a sluggard, whose ground is covered in thistles and the stone wall is broken down. But what if the owner isn't lazy? The broken wall to me is the  look of illness. The inability to order your environment. 
 It was the best part of the garden, closest to the house, and got the most winter sun, plus an element of shelter from the wind, at times. 

Eventually I needed the space and  decided just to forge ahead, patch up with cardboard boxes, and use it.  You know, do what I can, not worry about what I can't. 

About that time, God said to B, "Why haven't you fixed Miri's wall?"
Thank you. 
Ever put in a post? Digging the post holes is a big job.

Now  here it is beginning to look like a useful garden space. I planted potatoes and yams, broad beans and peas, red onions, leeks, now garlic...and have spent a lot of time digging out the horseradish that was in there. It really does grow from every little piece. 

All beautiful to behold. It's really smart.

Had a brilliant idea for storing my gardening gloves. Now I can always grab a dry pair, and the right pair for the job, as I go out the back door.

My shed was commandeered for another project. Gardening tools rehoused in the tunnel house. Proving to be even more convenient. Liquid seaweed in the blue bin. Use the sieve and old tin bath above to make my own seed raising mix. 

I suppose I could draw the outlines underneath each tool so it can go back to the exact place...just kidding. I am the only one who uses them so they are always returned. 


  1. Well done B! Fence looks amazing - I am sure your garden will flourish with all the care and attention. I have just been reading a very interesting book called 'better' about how to improve performance. Plain old fashioned diligence seems to be the backbone of it - and returning tools to the right place is where it all begins.

    1. Yes it's really transformed that part of the garden and given me back a garden too. Having tools to hand makes it very easy to 'do it now' for many things.