Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Meet the Glasshouse

We put the glasshouse in about September 2016. Lest that sound like a one-off event, it took about a month; fetching it from the original site was a job in itself. 

Mr B put a wood foundation down first to attach the aluminium structure to, and it gives it a little extra height as well. 

Available talent was seized for service holding up the skeletal roof spine. That look suits you boys. The look of industry.

We cleaned the glass panes. Fitting them was the hardest part because the structure had slightly skewed in transit, sigh, the perils of a second-hand glasshouse. 

It was about October before I got plants in, and my own plants went in even later so a late season. I grew small varieties of tomato to get them all ripened in time, and plenty of cucumbers. 
The best tomato was a little black heirloom from Kings Seeds, something like Blackjack. 

I mulched everything with pine needles and dug them in when I cleared the glasshouse out. The chickens have had a good scratch around since and now I have begun to bury the bokashi in there; looking good for this season. 
I think this year I will grow good old Money Maker, and Black Jack. The Lebanese cucumber is superb but the plants aren't as reliable as a telegraph in the glasshouse so will plant both again. 
How wonderful to be anticipating Spring in the middle of Winter. 


  1. oh my goodness what a job - and what a beaut looking glasshouse - did you buy a second hand one or did someone give it to you? I can see you are going to have lots of fun with it...

  2. A friends mother sold it to us cheep, her husband had died and she wasn't going to use it anymore. Yes its already been great and it is a really good size. Its been up about 10 months now I guess, just posting old photos at the minute to show mum and bring her up to date

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