Tuesday, December 9, 2014

you say potayto and I say potahto


How quickly the annual vege club Great Potato Weigh-In comes around. 
My buckets had been tossed out of the tunnel house during a clean up and the plants  fared rather badly in the ensuing weather. It didn't look like there was going to be much more growth below and I couldn't make it to the meeting  for the weigh-in so I had my own small ceremony at home...a scrub, a boil, and then we ate them; or as a teenager would say, they were eaten. It's the phenomenon of  the passive voice. "Has the washing been done yet? Is a meal going to be cooked? Can my bed be made?"


 Maris Anchor was the variety, a little bit boring as a new potato in my opinion; in fact,  boring  as a main crop too I should think. The leopard doesn't change its spots.  I frisked them in the big old bath. Gotta keep that gorgeous soil for something special; heaped it around the celery plants and a lone broccoli.

My two plants came in with a collective 3lbs 6oz which hardly topped the charts. Apparently at vege club Wayne took out first prize with well over a kilo of potatoes hidden in his bucket. I think he is capping his hat at the the big one: the trophy for the most wins of the year. For the record, the trophy is a papier mache aubergine.  
Clearly the real prize is the fame and the glory.

Many people successfully grow an embarrassment of runner beans in the south, but our section is just too windy and they don't like it. It has been well worth it to sacrifice a little bit of growing space in the tunnel house for a few plants which are rewarding us with early beans. Early is everything. Beans for Christmas dinner. Num num num.


  1. You say potayto, I say "early season potahto blight". I had to pull out my purple passion potatoes because the tops looked suspiciously diseasey, but underneath there were some nice wee spuds so all was not lost. For some reason scarlett runners don't like my garden, either. I wish I was better at growing them because I love them.

    1. I planted a crop of Autumn new pataties last season that went to blighty. At first I thought slugs were eating them because the foliage seemed to just disappear. You don't need to worry about growing runner beans. Tap in to the cornucopia around the corner and let them arrive by courier scooter.