Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reporting in on the tomato stakes

There are a few garden stars that laugh at the dry weather and perform magnificently yet again. This sedum, for example, which was originally from a cutting from K & M's first flat in Invercargill, the one where  funghi grew on the couch; lack of moisture was clearly never a problem in that location.
Behind it the Japanese Anemone, some call it a weed. It flowers over a long period of time and has lovely foliage; survives neglect. You'll do, and I paid money for this particular plant from a local gardener's stall.

Now the reason for this post was to show you the tomatoes Mum. I've mixed the names over until I've forgotton who is which, but Galina and Siberia above and below: or 'big red' and 'little yellow'. Big red wins on flavour and colour. Yellow is good in a salad mix, not so useful for pasta sauce.

The White Cherry below has the best flavour of all,  along with Black Jack which you will just have to imagine. It  fruits prolifically so it has been deemed the winner and I will plant it again next year.
Three cherry tomato plants to every Big Red was the wrong ratio. Well, everything has been a bit topsy turvy this year.

And everything else has been late. That's my maincrop beetroot and carrots  to the right of the flowering yams.
I plan to plant broad beans, peas, and garlic very soon and get the jump on next season for a change.
This will necessitate extending the garden a little...

B came in and saw the courgettes/marrows and said 'Please, please, don't cook them for tea.'
With only two fussy eaters left at home to feed the other two of us would be stuck eating these monsters all week. Like 'filboid studge'  they would reappear at every mealtime until they were eaten. Aaaagh.

The happy ending to this story was courgette loaf (a lot like carrot cake) with cream cheese icing. I love a happy ending. 

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  1. we were laughing about that flat the other night; I remember ringing the landlord and told them fungus was growing out of the ceiling. "Thats ok" she replied "we don't mind".

    on TV you only ever see the feral tenants. They should do a show on feral landlords. I want the world to hear out story.


    1. Stories plural I think. I was thinking how you thought there was something wrong with the dehumidifier when it filled up immediately. We were just talking about the neighbourhood of your first house here and the events of that area!

      Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, Miri

  2. I was holding a large zucchini the other day and Simon said "Woooah! be careful where you point that thing!" Perhaps I too will point it at a grater and make a cake or loaf of some description. That would go down better than the weird salad concoctions I've been trying to pass off lately.

    1. A little known fact until now...most of our zuchinnis went into the vege crisper in the fridge and then quietly on to the bokashi bucket a few weeks later.
      I put them in too early and without cover or shelter so they were dark skinned and hard and misshapen and it has only been at the end of the season that they are growing like topsy.
      In my defense, they are the only vegetable I ever throw out, specially now we have a juicer, courtesy of the Gore Sally Army Shop.