Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now I know...

Now I know why the replanted tubs aren't doing so well. Orange marigolds, lobelia and irresistable catmint under that naughty lump. She likes to lie down while she snacks on the catmint.

I also know why Jack took bean seeds and not celery. These wouldn't have got him far and slowly at that. The celery is called 'crunchy dwarf' from Otepoti seeds. Maybe this is as good as it gets. I planted the seed in the second week of September, about 18weeks ago and blamed the slow start on the bag of seed raising mix. Maybe it was old. The name caught my fancy after the dwarf incident in the U.K a few years ago. Apparently a hippo in a zoo swallowed a dwarf as he fed it a loaf of bread (the story comes from Uncle Doug of course).
In the background are my bean couple Freda and Bob. One of them has flowered and set beans and the other is barely flowering. In hindsight I planted them way too close together (45cm apart, needed 60cm at least). They all get equal shares of the light, water and food.  Some things remain a mystery.

The summer feels like it has turned before we really had it. Suddenly the glasshouses both need closing down at night and the real proof that it is cooling down, the lettuce are all the better for it, Canasta I think.  I've chanced a late crop of yellow zuchinni for a very special relish. There they are stretching into the distance. Last year they came to nothing here because of an insect infestation. This year I've awarded them my bokashi supply and so far so good. Here's hoping.
In the far distance corn is racing against time and unless we get some good temperatures it may be off the menu.


On the menu is all things NZ. I'm putting together a few recipes (with photos) for Louis to take to Argentina. This is Apricot Frangipane. I also make it with plums. For the record I use Pams sweet short pastry, the lump that is left over after making Chocolate Mud Pie is enough. Filling is 75g each of sugar and butter creamed. Add 1 egg, a few drops almond essence, 1/4c flour. Spread that over base, put on raw fruit and almonds and bake at about 170 for about 1/2hr. Serves 8.
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  1. Oh but the cat looks so happy there! Nice springy bed, lovely tasty morsels to be had lying down. That's the life I want.

  2. I bet there's cat turds in there somewhere... shudder.
    That frangipane tart looks so good, I think I feel like lunch...

  3. That looks so delicious. Can't be long till Louis leaves now! So exciting. After a few weeks he will be glad to be able to make some NZ food I'm sure, food is second only to people on my list of things I miss from home!

  4. i was just thinking my celery was looking good - i planted it in early sept, from koanga, called 'nutty', definitely the best one i've grown, but maybe has been selected for our climate more? your zucchini look good, i'm thinking about sowing some more to get a late crop here. the kids are still a fan of them fried in lots of butter.