Sunday, May 2, 2010

Belated photos

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  1. That romanesque broccoli, well, it is just beautiful. Very architectural for a vegetable.
    The farm implement is equally impressive. I'd love to see it in action, flinging spuds willy-nilly.

  2. That potato harvester is very cool! Wow sounds like you have been super busy. I like that broccoli too, I tried to grow brassicas over summer here, but they never did anything and finally pulled them out a couple of weeks ago, I guess just too warm up here.

  3. Beautiful photos Miri - hope you resolve your blogging problems soon and bring photos and text together in happy harmony.

    Nothing like a piece of specialised machinery to make life easier. There are plenty of sewing equivalents but I won't bore you.

  4. Gorgeous romanesque broccoli indeed. Interesting to see the potato harvester photo. It looks like the one in old film I have seen of grandparents' farm in the 1960s. My great grandma is lugging the picnic basket while all the children and other adults harvest potatoes. When I was a uni stduent I worked on a large potato harvester as a summer job and even managed to get my hand caught in the counter-rotater part which supposedly sorted out rocks and eath clods from spuds.
    Lovely blog, from a part of New Zealand which I love. I found it via your comment on Christy's blog. Makes me envious of all both of your gardening achievements, but I may yhet get to plant out the kohlrabi and purple sprouting broccoli this weekend. regards, Sandra

  5. Amazing how something like a potato harvester can bring such joy. That's the beauty of technology on many levels - it enables . I really do want to be a better gardener each time I read your posts Miri.