Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The crutch of the matter

Those walking sticks in the basement have finally been put to good use; all four of them. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting except that here the props have a purpose: the branches are so heavy with plums they'd just about be touching the ground, or breaking. Perhaps I should have thinned them but last year there was no fruit and so I figure the tree owes me all that watering and care. When gardeners turn mean...

This is the prune tree and I managed to get the entire crop into one photo. The third plum is tucked up in the left hand corner. The photo doesn't do justice to the amazing purple that they are. The blossom and fruit are so beautiful that I'm not going to prune it at all so that it can be a showpeice in the front yard. The birds will be pleased to get all the fruit that we can't reach. I figure we can share.

Brace yourself for a sorry sight. Even with the best of intentions some things just don't get done. Basil and dill still in the seedling tray. Yip. Every day I water them but I'm past thinking must get those in. Now I silently apologise and prolong the agony with a good soak because that is easier than doing something about it. At this rate I'll be able to harvest the dill seed before it all goes to the compost heap. How cruel is that?
And finally because the Autumn clean up is actually hard slog, hoeing and digging and trundling away weeds and not nearly enough fun, here's my favourite cover crop: phacelia. The bees really love it and they've had a lean season.

I've been saving alot of seed. Lupin and phacelia for cover crops. All those beans that missed being picked, and collecting in tomatoes from the best plants to see if I can lift the calibre of next years crop. Oh yes, already thinking ahead to bigger and better but on the other hand enjoying all the bottling and freezing and squirrelling away of this year. Keeping busy.


  1. those plums are a beautiful colour indeed... I'm doing some autumn preparation of my own - in the middle of sewing a raincoat. It's hard slog too - I do love autumn though - the air is so soft and mellow now.

  2. How are you going to dry the prunes? Or do they prune up on the tree? They all look mighty prolific, and I am sure that Mum is extremely impressed at the new role for the walking crutches!
    Head colds are raging in this house. It's very nasty and very snotty.

  3. Funny thing was, Giles grazed his leg badly playing rugby and spent the week hobbling about and it never occurred to me he might need a stick. It was only when I posted the photo that he said, 'Oh there they are, I was looking for one' (!) I suppose I ought to be expecting a call from hospital outpatients tracking down the stash of sticks.

  4. seeing the tree propped up with crutches did make me laugh. The concept could work well in a children's story book. These are very lovely photos. you'll be pleased to know my garden has been radically emptied of unproductive items. See you in the weekend.

  5. I can see a rather severe looking hospital official with a clipboard making a bee-line to your place now to repossess. Actually, you;re probably safe as the more "big ticket' items are likely to be at the top of their list, say like wheel chairs and dialysis machines

    Plum tree makes me envious. (We've atually had to limit Louis' intake of summer fruit becasue like Ken, he can eat boxfuls at a time, with disastrous consequences...

    See you tomorrow.

  6. Miri - pierce orchard has pumpkins 3 x 3 kg pumpkins for 10$ they arrive next wednesday 17 th March. DO you want me to order you some? Leave me a msg at home or get the boys to txt or email. Cheers MArg