Friday, October 9, 2009

Mandate to Blog

Pulled a book off the library shelf while in Dunedin this week: Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much by Anne Wilson Schaef. Turned to the day's date:


Why Women Who Do Too Much Should Neglect It For Their Writing

This quotation is a chapter heading in Brenda Ueland's book If You Want
to Write
. It sums up the issue of being obsessed with our work. yet she
goes on to devote an entire chapter to it.

Why is it that the first things we give up and neglect are ourselves
and the things that mean the most to us, like our creativity, our health, our
children and our loves? How sad it is that we often neglect our treasures for
activities of far less value.

Well thats what the insanity of addiction is about isn't it? We cast our
pearls into the pig pen and we scrub the colours off the kitchen tiles.

Lets get clear here about what needs to be neglected.

It has been noted before that I've never fallen into the housework trap. When the twins were really little I discovered that no matter how tired I was I always had energy to garden. So, there was no point trying to exhaustedly tidy the house and get nowhere when I could be outside enjoying myself. I suppose I've never looked back.

Picked offspring up from airport. Welcome home Louis. We are so proud of you (Spirit of New Zealand, sailing). The great thing about the 2hr drive back to our place is that I got to hear everything fresh and uninterrupted...and then came home to a beautiful surprise - SEEDS

Well I had emailed Bart (Acres) a while back. He runs Otepoti Urban Organics, a seed saving network. Some of the seeds are only released to experienced gardeners who promise to grow, save and return them. I glibly described myself as running a community garden suggesting a trustworthy and experienced profile.
'Great' says Bart. 'I can't wait to visit next time I'm coming through.' Oops. Went out and had a look at the garden through fresh eyes. Shrugged off that fraudster feeling, resolved to try and make it look like more was happening, and quick about it, and then went back to my usual method of doing what I like, when I like, for me.

Oh I forgot to rotate that photo up there and I've lost a few of my magnificent line up but perhaps you can just make out 'cucumber green shorts'. How could I not grow that? And there's one with a stern warning: 'very rare, please save or return'. Yes Sir.
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  1. Well, that is just an awesome post.

  2. What a fantastic name for someone who runs a seed exchange; "Bart Acres". It's almost too good to be true. I think I might have to put that quote "how often do we neglect our treasures for activities of lesser value" on the wall in a prominent place.

  3. Hmm, this post reminds me of a playcentre meeting when, for our opening warmer round, we had to say one thing we were doing for ourselves. Just about everyone mentioned joining/going to the gym. I couldn't believe it. I said "I'm doing a sewing course." Exercise is right up there with house cleaning as far as I'm concerned. It happens along with everything else but it's nothing I would spare precious free time on. Oh no, that's just for me and my Bernina.

  4. Hey Miri, we were thinking of coming down to visit over the summer holiday some time. When would be good? We'll be needing to book tickets soon...

  5. Hi Miri - I really enjoyed your post and copied part of it and displayed it in a prominent place by my desk at work. I also really loved seeing those seeds. Inspires me for my own small patch

  6. Hi Miri,
    Great blog. Ken almost fainted at the sight of that leek tart. In fact, we were all salivating - even wee Louis. We are planning to head to that restaurant in Dec when Ken has work in Oamaru. Will report back.

    Lovely photo of Big Louis. He looks like he had a fantastic time. Well done, Louis - look forward to hearing about it some time.

    Ken wants me to tell you all that he took Lllllouis to the park to se the Llllamas and had to tell him to llllook out. He's stil llllaughing at that cartoon 10 years later. I can see the twins shaking their heads as I type...

    Righto, better try and do some work. Hope to see you all again soonish.
    Hi to Bill and the boys.
    Love Mary