Sunday, March 4, 2018

photo round-up complete

A long overdue photo, Bill contemplates his chilled chocolate stout, his secret-simon-santa gift that was much appreciated.  

This is a 500g punnet of pesto. The playing card is for perspective. I had a great crop of basil and along with some self-sown dill and parsley, it has kept the whitefly away from the tomatoes.
I pleased I froze quite a bit of pesto. The plants I left in are a darker green now and the pesto is not as good.

I forgot that the season this year is at least 2 weeks early and once again my pears ripened on the tree. They are okay but they don't have the same glistening juiciness as pears ripened off the tree. 
I will peel, slice, and freeze them this year for smoothies and pie. For really good bottling they need to be on the firmer side. 

 Pears unmistakably signal autumn, so the blog transitions in a swoop to the next season. 

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